Danish Estate Pipes

And other fine pipes

From Refbjergs workshop

Last year we were told that Refbjerg was going to retire and sell his workshop. This was the chance of a lifetime for me, as I have always wanted to try to make my own pipes.

In the workshop we acquired all of his machines and a lot of inventory. Pipes, stems, briar blocks and finished pipes that were set aside to make way for a new order, - and everything else necessary for starting on a lifetime dream.

What we are selling here is what was finished a long time ago and set aside to make way for new orders that came in. Done by Refbjerg in the days when he was at the top of his game. Producing lots of interesting and unique creations for markets eager for what was coming from Denmark.

Refbjerg was known for the quality of his Corsican Briar, and his pipes are known to be great smokers.

These are quality pipes made by Refbjerg but without a stamp. There will not be any more Refbjerg’s made, so this is a chance to get a great pipe at a reasonable price.